Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mother, No Other Name So Sweet

On September 26, 1940, a very special little girl was born to Jack and Cora Lee Holcombe.

Linda Holcombe Barnett

Through the years she has carried many names.  A few that come to mind, Daughter, Sister, Wife, Niece, Aunt, Cousin, Sister-in-Law, Room/Team Mother, Friend, Mother-in-Law, Caretaker, Honey (to her grandchildren) but the sweetest name to me is Mother.

For most of my life I thought everyone had a Mother like mine.  Why would I think differently, it was all I had ever known?  My Mother worked during a time when it was not popular for women to have jobs.  It wasn't easy juggling a career and family life but somehow she managed to do it, and do it well.

I remember when I started first grade, crying everyday because I missed her so much.  I remember how much fun we had on weekends going to the movies, skating, to a play, concerts, bowling, out to eat at a nice restaurant, swimming, horse-back riding and driving the car way before I was old enough for a driver's license.

I remember going on a field trip to Oak Mountain and losing my money before we ever left.  I called Mother in tears and she left work and headed to the school with two safety pins, 2 five dollars bills and a big smile on her face.  She took me to the restroom and pinned $5 inside each side of my bra!  No scolding or words that made me feel bad, only encouraging me not to worry and have a great day.

I remember coming in too late at night when Mick and I had broken up...waking her at 2 am with tears streaming down my cheeks because I couldn't find him.  She just hopped out of bed got dressed and together we went driving all over the place looking for him.  Daddy probably wasn't very happy and thought I was a drama queen, but Mother was always by my side. :)

We had the most wonderful time planning my wedding.  You see, I wore my Mother's wedding dress and she had let me try it on ever so often since I was a little girl.    This made the real event even more special.   And, one other thing, my sweet Grandmother was my matron of honor.  Did I also forget to tell you we were all married on November 7?

The next great event was the day I had my sweet little Ashlee.  Again, Mother was right there and when Mick arrived at the hospital they made Mother leave the room, but I knew she was just on the other side of those doors.  She stayed with me the night Ashlee was born.  After everyone had left, I called for them to bring my baby. (Very different then)  I had barely gotten to see her.  Sometime shortly after her arrival in my room, I fell asleep.  I woke the next morning and Mother was still sitting in that same chair holding that same sweet baby with the most beautiful smile on her face.

I could go on  and on, but my emotions will not allow that today.  I think you get the picture and understand why I know "Mother" is the sweetest name.

Happy Birthday and I am so proud my first blessing was you!  Originally written September 23, 2010, reposted May 8, 2011.  Happy Mother's Day!