Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy 50th Birthday Mick & Rick

On January 30, 1961, in Lawrenceburg, TN, my mother-in-law received two bouncing bundles of joy.  My husband Mick was born 4 minutes ahead of his identical twin Rick.  Ruth, (mother-in-law) was surprised and shocked after Mick was born and the doctor proudly proclaimed, "there is another one"!  Their heartbeats were together so there was no indication she would have multiple births.

Mick and Rick were added to already robust family of five.  Parents Walter and Ruth Springer, already had been graced with three little girls, Vickie, Lynn and Debbie.  Before the family was completed, Randy, Christy and Keith came along rounding out with 4 boys and 4 girls.  A household of ten.

I started to date Mick in 1979, I was 17 years old.  While somewhere along the way I had heard they had a really large family it had escaped me.  I knew about Rick and Randy and somewhere in the back of my mind felt sure there was a sister but was blown away when Mick took me to meet his family and they were ALL there in the family room.  WOW!!!

They were all  very nice and while Mick ran through introductions I remember thinking, "How will I ever learn everyone's name?".  I wrote them all down in chronological order that evening when we left, and I practiced!  By the next weekend I new everyone's name and the fun started.

I have always believed birthday's are special and everyone should celebrate, regardless of age.  When you celebrate with twins it is double the fun!  I have been to lots of parties but Mick and Rick always seem to have the best.  (Maybe because I plan them???) LOL

Fast forward to January 30, 2011...Mick and Rick celebrated their 50th birthday with a crowd of family and friends.  The food was excellent and we had DJ Fuzzy in charge of the music.  It was certainly an opportunity to dance the night away and we did. 

Thanks to everyone who helped to celebrate a very momentous occasion.  It was a fabulous evening and our bodies were certainly sore the next morning.  Dancing is great excercise and it is so much fun!

I have always felt blessed to have Mick as my sweet husband, he is one in a million.  In 1979, I would never have been able to imagine us celebrating a 50th birthday.  Looking back, it has been an amazing journey and I am so thankful to have been on the ride!

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