Monday, July 11, 2011


Today is a day of celebration for me, my family and my friends. Two years ago today was my first day without a cigarette in my quest to "kick the habit" and I have never looked back.

No small undertaking for me. I knew it was a nasty habit, not very lady-like and it smelled bad but I surely did love to smoke...It was relaxing when I was chilling out, it was a wake-up in the morning when I was tired, it was a great way to think out solutions, it was the best nerve "pill" available and on July 11, 2009, it was my time to quit smoking.

It has now been two years since I have held a cig between my lips and I am still blown away each and every time I remember "I do not smoke"! Proof that God is still performing miracles.

Yesterday after church Mick and I went to lunch with my parents, daughter and her fiance' David. Mick reminded everyone of today. My Daddy was a smoker too who quit in 1987 and Mick quit in 2007. Daddy and I both agreed we still have the urge to smoke from time to time but it no longer consumes our every thought. Occasionally something will happen to trigger the memory but it is a fleeting thought.

If you are a smoker who needs help, talk to me, I would love to share my story with you. I am so thankful for those positive influences in my life. Debbie Hutchins and Gerald Castello both were inspiring to me as I knew how they loved to smoke as much as I did. My family and friends who prayed tirelessly for me to have strength and my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who held me up when I didn't think I could stand on my own.

Thank you all for standing by me and thank you Mick for putting up with me at my worst! :)


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