Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Three Months Until Ashlee Springer's Wedding!

I finally believe we are going to get everything completed before November 7, 2011. We have been some "Busy Bees" the last couple months. Still we have a long list of items to complete but they are minor in comparison to the decisions we have made and finalized.

All wedding attire has been selected and purchased, except for mine. The wedding ceremony will be at First Baptist Church of Alabaster and the reception will be at Magnolia Springs Manor in Helena, AL immediately following.

Ashlee and I have toured every wedding venue within 100 miles. At first she thought she may like to have the wedding at Vulcan, great view and absolutely lovely grounds but "IF" it rained tents would take away the romance of the city lights under the stars.

So, lets move on over to "The Club". I have a friend who is a member and offered to sponsor us if we decided this was the place. Of course, Ashlee dreamed of having her dance on the lighted dance floor and the view is the best in Birmingham. To seat the number of guests we are expecting would require the Grand Ballroom which is superb. Service is second to none and the food is delicious but I am afraid our guests would have been disappointed at the menu our budget would have afforded. After going back and forth we decided we should check out our other options and see how far we could stretch our budget.

Our journey continued throughout Jefferson and Shelby County. Most everyone was excited and happy to accomodate but I was surprised that in this economy there were vendors who did not want to be bothered, one who increased their price greatly in less than two weeks and another who was not interested in being part of a wedding on a Monday.

I found out there are not many places in the Birmingham area who are set up to handle parties of 300 or more guests rain or shine. While rain didn't seem to be something Ashlee was worried about, I was not going to book a place without a back-up plan.

Finally, the church is booked, reception is planned all the way down to the menu. Songs have been selected and the Bride and Groom's cake have both been chosen. Now all we have to do is ad a few flowers, candles and decorations and it will be a Fairy Tale come true. Of course, I must still find something to wear! :)

Looking forward to the showers, Tea and bachelorette party (?) What?

Only "Three Months Until Ashlee Springer's Wedding!" and you can still call me, "Mother of the Bride".

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