Wednesday, May 18, 2011

It Is All About Branding.... Who Will Help You?

My Social Media has been a mess for the past couple years, but today I proudly boast my connections. :)

While I have known this was something I should have completed long ago I decided I would do it myself and save some money...If there is anything you should hire a professional to do, it is your internet business.

There are many "free" sites and you get what you pay for. I had lots of templates and NONE of them matched. The one thing I have learned is the end result is worth the $$$'s.

There are many "quick" fixes on the World Wide Web, but unless you have enough knowledge to know what you need, you should choose the trusted local company who is more interested in you being happy than they are in making a dollar.

Check out my business page on FB, Valerie Springer, Network Funding and be sure to "like" while you are there. Then check out my website . I was also instructed to buy some more domain names and they are pointed to all of my sitesso I will be easier to find.
Need help? Of course you do. Please call Rhonda Brantley or Tracey Cole with The Social Media Place 2.0 for all your needs. They have packages for all budgets, they can build a blog, website or whatever you require. Call today, you will be glad you did. linking to FEMA on my blog, taught by Rhonda and Tracey, I have received three tornado disaster clients this week who found me on the internet!

Thank you ladies for a job well done, I LOVE it.

If you need pre-approval to purchase a home or refinance the home you have please call Valerie Springer 205-995-7283 x 305


I guess it has been about 6 weeks since Ashlee showed up at our house frantically ringing the doorbell...Mick and I just returned from the grocer and we were in the kitchen unloading, putting up and making muffins for the week. Suddenly the doorbell went crazy and Emme and I took off to the front door.

While I was unlocking the door I could see it was Ashlee and David. Not sure why they were at this door or without a key but as I opened the door she came bouncing in with sparkles in her eyes and on her left finger. Oh my goodness, could it be? Is this the man I have been praying for all of these years? Did her prince charming finally decide to show himself? Is this the man she will spend the rest of her life with and live happily ever after? YES, this was the movie and we are the stars.

The beauty of her face paired with the song in her heart made this one of the most beautiful and memorable days in my life. One of those "grand slam" moments when nothing or no one else in the world has a clue of the emotion you feel inside.

The day started off like every other Sunday. We had all gone to church and then out to lunch with my extended family. David had managed to get alone with Mick while Ashlee and I were running errands. He asked Mick for permission to marry Ashlee and of course Mick blessed the union with a big hearty yes. Later in the day when Mick and I ended back up together Mick told me of the conversation. Neither of us knew he was going to ask her that day.

Once they shared the news with us, Ashlee asked me to call Honey and Wormie (my parents) and ask them to come to our house. They agreed without questions. Mother was so excited and happy for Ashlee as you can tell by her tearful congratulation. Daddy said he suspected the reason for the invitation.

So, Ashlee has a beautiful Asscher cut diamond in a Tiffany style setting. A fiance' who is head over heals in love with her and a great support system. The wedding is set for Monday, November 7, 2011, a day which will now be shared by four generations. Stay tuned, more to come...

Announcing the engagement of Ashlee Springer to David McLaughlin

My name is Valerie Springer, Home Mortgage Expert and writer for Ask Val in Birmingham, Alabama.