Sunday, May 22, 2011


May 27, 1980, was the day I could not wait to high school graduation.

While it seemed school dragged for the most part my senior year flew by so quickly. Finally, the class of 1980 ruled the school. We won the spirit stick at every pep rally, our football team was fabulous and as a class we became one.

Once we got back from Christmas holidays it was a blur. The junior/senior prom at Boutwell Auditorium, senior skip day, voting on our senior song, practicing graduation walk and praying it would not rain so we could graduate on the THS football field. Our right of passage.

I remember vividly being lined up from the gym down past the lunch room. Girls were required to wear white dresses and the boys white collared shirts underneath our white Cap's and Gown's. While this moment finally arrived I was trying to record every second in my mind to replay for a lifetime. While lined up waiting to start our walk we all started to sing, Pink Floyd, "We don't need no education..." To this day every time I hear that song it puts a smile on my lips.

Our senior song was "We May Never Pass This Way Again" and while we voted on it, through the years the meaning has grown deeper. When I hear this song it puts a song in my heart. (I even have it on my iPOD :))

After our names were called and our hats tossed into the air, it was a mad dash to the beach to spend one more summer vacation together with our classmates and enjoy life as it would be no more.

To all of the graduating seniors I hope you will enjoy these last few days together, think about your choices, know a decision made in haste can change your life forever and have a wonderful time enjoying life.

To the Class of THS 1980, I wish we could do it again!!!

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