Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Shopping for the "dress" was so much fun! As usual, Ashlee Springer and I have totally different opinions on what we like. She tried on hundreds of wedding gowns in all different styles. Each outing turned into a mini party with my Mother in attendance and Ashlee's BFF Amber.

We went to several locations and thought we had found the perfect gown for her at The White Room in Cahaba Heights. In fact we had the dress and the veil picked out but had another appointment at Bella Couture at Mt. Laurel, and we did not want to cancel on them last minute.

We had such a great experience at Bella Couture and there, I was able to sit and watch Ashlee walk out the dressing room door and get the full affect at first glance. She stood on a raised platform in front of three full lenth mirrors and turned in every direction and angle possible. She tried different veils, jewelry, embellishments and posed for many photos. While we were sitting and enjoying the fashion show Ash was getting tired, terrible thunderstorms were brewing and I knew by the look she was nearly ready to call it day. The next time the dressing room door opened, "She took our breath away!" (I cannot talk about the dress or show photos of her in any of them before the ceremony) We ALL knew this was the one, and "SHE SAID YES, TO THE DRESS"!!!

While I was settling the bill, the weather became worse and we wound up going into the dressing room and sitting for a long time waiting for the storms to pass. They gave Ash a box of chocolates as a gift and we enjoyed her candy and bottled water as a snack. While Mick and Daddy didn't think we used wisdom with our appointments and being holed up in Mt. Laurel, it was a day we will never forget...For many reasons.

(This was before the April 27 tornadoes)

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