Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I suppose I have been a lucky girl since I made this far in life without being stranded on the side of the road! Last Wednesday my luck ran completely out.

I was on my way to the office to meet a client, earlier than I normally start my day. I was driving on I-65 when my oil light came on and I started to hear a ding. I was between exits and thought, hmm I better get off at the next exit and see if someone can check my oil. I was pretty sure oil was not the problem since my hubby checks my oil each and every morning without fail before he leaves for work. my temperature gauge shows the car is getting hot. Where is the heater switch, I remember Mick saying to turn the heater on when the car is running hot and it will cool off quickly, wait I can't find it and now my car is starting to slow down. Did it go dead? No the motor is running and I have the gas pedal pushed down but...oh no I better get off the road while it is still rolling before someone moves me off.

Thankfully I was able to roll off the road and here I sit in my car with every light that can possibly be lit up, lit up! It is coming a mighty downpour and the humidity is unbearable. I can feel the wind pushing on my car as trucks come flying by, this is dangerous, what on earth am I going to do???

I wanted to scream but no one would hear me, I thought about crying but it wasn't going to do any good and there was no one to give me sympathy. I took a deep breath and phoned Mick who immediately ordered a wrecker truck, in the mean time I dialed my insurance agent and yes I have roadside assistance with my policy. YAY. Now I sit and wait. It soon occured to me that once the wrecker arrived I would not have any means of transportation so I called Mother and Daddy and they agreed to come to my rescue. I told them where I was located and about 30 minutes later they arrived in convoy pulling in behind me. Shortly after, Wheeler's Wrecker Service was pulling in front of my little T-Bird.

By now I was wet with sweat and when I stepped out of the car my foot sunk into a mudslide. I got around to the passenger side of my car and started to unload my things into Mom's car, she hopped into the truck to ride with Daddy and slowly but surely my muddy stinky self was on my way to the office to start my day.

I had my car towed to Ernest McCarty Ford in Alabaster, AL. They didn't even get a chance to look at my car until the next afternoon. Surprisingly it has a safety mechanism that shuts the motor down so as to not do major damage when there is a problem. All of this and I had a pinhole in a hose which had to be ordered, meaning I would not be able to get my car until Monday evening. $68 for parts $150 for labor and all is well.

I guess eventually it will happen to everyone. I always felt bad for the stranded motorist and was glad it was not me. Having a car to drive was so nice but on Monday afternoon when I crawled into my little white Thunderbird, I breathed a sigh of relief, put it in drive and hit the road feeling cool, comfortable and very thankful! :)

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