Monday, September 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Handsome Bill Holcombe, Gone But Never Forgotten!

September 26 is Mother's birthday, September 27 was her her brother's. Handsome Bill was three years her senior and always the life of the party, good or bad! :) Together they celebrated their birthday every year until he danced into heaven April of 2009.

Mom had already purchased his birthday card because she found one that fit him perfectly. She had put it in her card box and found it a few days before September 27, 2009. Tears were flowing when I got to her house and while she didn't want to throw it away, gave it to me. Of course this card ONLY fit her brother.

I put it in my card box and found it a couple days ago.

In memory of Handsome Bill Holcombe of Lonesome Dove...if you knew him, you will agree it was written for him.

Is there a BROTHER anywhere

who was more fun to grow up with

than YOU? I don't think so.

Sure, I used to tell you your jokes were stupid,

and don't even get me started about your teasing...

But there were lots more times

when you were funny and fun to be with,

times we enjoyed being GOOFY together,

times when we LAUGHED at crazy things...

You haven't lost that GREAT sense of humor,

and it still makes my day.

I still look forward to being with you,

and I can't help thinking how LUCKY I am

to have a brother who makes life FUN.

That's why, just for a minute here,

I'd like to set aside the kidding

and the funny comments

that are like breathing to us

and tell you, in all seriousness,

what a GOOD thing you are in my life

how glad I am that you're my brother--

and how much I really LOVE you.

Okay, that's enough

back to the kidding.

Can you use some help

with ALL those candles?

This would have been signed,

I love you, Linda

I know you miss him, we all do. He was a unique individual to say the least. May you find peace in knowing you will one day be reunited and never spend another birthday apart! :) Happy Birthday Uncle Bill.

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