Refinance Your Home

Whether you want to get a better rate and lower payments, get cash for home improvements, college education or consolidating debts, Valerie is your local refinance specialists and has the perfect loan for you.

Get Cash Out

Valerie helps you determine what exact loan product makes the most sense for taking cash out of your home. Refinancing and taking cash out using a new first mortgage or a home equity loan, or both depends on your financial goals, the interest rates, your tax rate and more.Valerie will help you choose the ideal program with the lowest weighted annual percentage rate and payments to meet your personal needs and goals.

Lower Your Payment—Save Money

If interest rates fall below your current mortgage rate, refinancing may be a great idea. The old idea that rates must be 2 full percentage points below your existing loan is not true. A drop of as little as 1/2% could save you thousands of dollars. Valerie will help analyze your personal needs and goals and find the right loan at the lowest costs possible.

A variety of loan terms, no-point rate options and lower closing cost loans have greatly decreased the rate difference needed to make refinancing profitable.

Another popular way to lower a monthly payment is an interest-only loan. With this loan, the borrower pays only the monthly interest on the balance—you can pay principal as well if you wish.

Valerie will always help you determine what loan program will best suit your needs and goals, whether it is an interest only loan or some other program.

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